Covid 19 – Snag lists & Surveys

Snag my home open for business during Covid 19 Crisis

Covid-19 Snag lists and building surveys

We are an entirely home-based company. Under normal circumstances all our meetings are held online. This means there is absolutely no risk of virus spread within our organisation. Subject to availability, all our surveyors carry hand sanitisers and hand wipes which will be used immediately prior to entry to your home and at regular intervals during the inspection. In order to complete our surveys thoroughly, inevitably surfaces must be handled. Where practical, all such surfaces will be wiped down after testing, for example, window and door furniture, taps, flush handles, etc.

We currently have a ‘no hand shake’ policy. A greeting with the ‘elbow bump’ is given however! In the event that a member of our team displays symptoms of Covid-19 as described in the latest advice provided by the HSE, they will self-isolate. In the event that a surveyor displays potential Covid-19 symptoms prior to the snag list appointment or survey visit , we will cancel the appointment. Every attempt will be made to rearrange the inspection by another member of our snag list or surveyor team, however in such circumstances, delays in the process is likely to arise.

Covid 19 pre requests

Prior to our inspection, we may request a response to the following questions put to occupants of the homes we are instructed to inspect, regardless of whether the person will be present during the inspection but in particular to the estate agent / key holder of the property to be snagged or surveyed

Question 1: Within the last 14 days, has any occupant of the property been abroad and if so, where?

Question 2: Within the last 14 days, has any occupant of the property been in direct contact with anyone who has either been confirmed as carrying the virus or been placed under isolation following advice from a member of HSE staff?

Question 3: Has any occupant of the property recently been in self-isolation or currently is in self-isolation due to suspected symptoms of Covid-19?

Question 4: Has any occupant of the property recently been in hospital or frequent proximity to HSE staff / Retirement / assisted living staff suspected symptoms of Covid-19? At Snag my home we applaud front line staff and even if our services are considered essential under current Government of Ireland advice and criteria it is in our opinion a risk to encourage the opportunity for spread of the virus through contact, close proximity and a community transmission path that can be avoided through a more stringent regime than the general practical steps listed below we are requesting for each site visit and snag list / inspection

Covid 19 snag list and survey meeting and site visit criteria

 If possible and practical, and in order to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, so protecting both the occupants and the surveyor as well as the wider public, we would request that either:

  • no-one is present during the inspection, but remains contactable through their agent in case there are questions we would like to ask about the property


  • where possible the occupant stays in a room separate from the surveyor for the duration of the inspection, and at other times a distance of at least three metres is maintained.