Home Buyers Pre Purchase Survey

Home Buyers pre purchase surveys

We specialize in pre-purchase inspection or home buyers surveys of residential property. Purchasing a new house or apartment whether to live in or as a rental asset is one of the biggest commitments most of us are make in our lifetime and now that you have found your ideal home and your offer has been accepted ‘subject to survey’ it is of paramount importance that you engage a professional for a pre purchase survey. As many as 50% of home buyers do not avail of an independent pre purchase survey or structural survey. A primary document for discovery & resolution of large costly defects early in the lifetime of a building is a structural inspection survey also known as a ‘pre purchase survey’ to list defects that are present prior to your ownership.

How will a home buyers survey protect me ?

A homebuyers survey is prudent money well spent as considerable immediate or future expenditure required will be detailed in the home buyers survey report. In the worst case scenario a serious defect can make it virtually impossible to sell a property. An attic conversion for example built into a house by its owners may have been done cheaply with incorrect structural elements, off size staircase and incorrect doors and windows. This attic conversion inspected by our surveyor is found to contravene the building regulations for structure, fire safety and a number of other issues which now in turn makes the property non compliant and thousands of euros worth of remedial construction work are required to rectify the problems. As a potential purchaser of this property you want to be made aware of these underlying problems and any other hidden costs the home will require to ensure it is habitable and ‘fit for purpose’. Being advised of these types of problems and costs prior to closing the sale allows you to make an informed decision and gives you the option to either walk away from the sale, renegotiate the price or take on board the new hidden costs and required work.  Depending on the scope of work and extent of extra expenditure it can alter a lending institutions decision to fund the purchase but in all cases it is better to have any hidden and extra costs precisely illustrated and demonstrated in a survey report.
A homebuyers survey cost is a fraction of the price to remedy a structural defect in a property.


Carried out by insured professional – qualified – experienced staff. Our building pre purchase inspections and structural inspection reports follow a set process and we seek every structural defect that will cost you the new homeowner. These pre purchase homebuyers survey on houses, apartments, and commercial buildings highlight that the building is of a good standard and structurally sound to your bank and insurance company for future reference.

Home Buyers Surveys & Pre purchase survey reports are to record issues of:

  • Subsidence | Settlement
  • Wall and floor cracking or bulging
  • Pyrite Damage
  • Dampness checks
  • Water damage
  • Poor workmanship by builders
  • Any signs of damage to timbers
  • Fireproofing
  • Ventilation
  • Any urgent issues that warrant examination by a specialist.
  • Visible issues with electrical or mechanical (heating) installation
  • Lack of maintenance by previous owner(s)

What is the cost of a pre-purchase home buyers survey?

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For a home buyers survey price or to get a quote for a building survey please contact our office either by phone or email. If you want to email for a building survey/property survey quote the following information is required:

Property type and location (house, semi-D, apartment) :
Property age:
Has the property been modified (extensions, attic conversions, etc.) :
Alternatively, you can just paste the Daft.ie / Myhome.ie link into the email or contact form & we can provide a quotation for the service based on that information.

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