New Home Snagging Lists

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New Home Snagging checklist

The Snag My Home team is made up of construction professionals that will inspect your new house or apartment before you move into it. During their inspection they will go through a detailed 250-item snag checklist, identifying and recording any snags that they may encounter.

Building regulations must be adhered to for safety of the occupants and to ensure the materials in your home will have a long life span. Our snag inspection process checks that all regulations have been complied with during the build of the home. Lower prices for property have made some developers cut corners, employment of unqualified personnel and trades can lead to the homeowner spending many thousands of euros early in the lifetime of the ‘new’ home – correcting problems that should be addressed by the building company prior selling the home.
Independent & qualified snag list inspection will protect your investment and ensure the builder is providing you with a home that is free of snags. Forgoing a snaglist is without a doubt the definition of ‘ Let the buyer beware’ as every professional and trade person involved in the building and sign off of your new home is employed by the builder or developer. Many, many mistakes are missed, overlooked or in the worst case hidden because of a myriad of reasons – Snag My home will find all these snags

– Call us today for a snaglist in Dublin, snaglist Meath, snaglist Westmeath or snaglist Kildare :  085 – 1276288

– Or alternatively use our handy contact form to request a quote, ask a question or discuss a concern you have with your new home purchase : Contact Snag My Home


We generally find anything between 50 to 100 snags in a new home inspection, some minor, like scratches or poor paintwork, to larger problems like uneven flooring, incomplete drainage,  poor finishing on the external brick work and uneven internal walls, leaks, and noncompliance of building regulations. Rectifying all issues our snag list report makes a note of usually can be carried out by the builder within 1 to 2 weeks however some items may have to be ordered and can take longer to repair or replace. Once the builder carry’s out the repair of the snag list issues at your new house you then have the option of requesting a follow up snag which is a second visit and second inspection.

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Contact our office for details on the snagging inspection process, our qualified inspectors would be glad to answer any questions you may have & we also can provided a sample snag report from a property inspected by our team.

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