Part 2 – buying a home in Adamstown – Lucan, how many and what type of snags in a new home?

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Below you will find sample snags in a new home and the type of snags in a new home taken from two recent properties inspected in Lucan and Adamstown recently

Sample snags in a new home – external issues

Porch – gaps at l/h/s wall at foot of monocouche render

Porch stone surround – large chipped damage at l/h/s vertical stone member (outer leading edge area)

Porch cobble lock brick at r/h/s wall join – gaps require fill

L/h/s corner below EIR box – cobble lock bricks x 5 no. proud and sunken. Relay

Cobble lock paving bricks at drive bay – further sand / gravel brushing required over entire surface. Large gaps at various locations

Patio slabs – 1 x pavior slab at 2nd course from sink window / wall, center slab proud – TRIP HAZZARD. Ensure flush

Heat pump compressor – cooling fin damage at l/h/s rear corner. Not thought to be significant. Ensure warranty is intact by mechanical contractor responsible for installation (during Part L run through) or home owner to confirm with Dakin approved service contractor during 1st 12 month service period

Dakin ASHP compressor – gully land drain below, lip at gully fitting is proud and prevent adequate drainage of condensate run off from compressor. Cold start issue will present. Shave lip off gully to ensure flush for drainage

The above external issues are a sample snags found in the two properties. Home A had a total of 20 external snag list issues and home B had 18 total external snag list issues. As you can see from the above the paving was problematic making up the volume of items also surrounding the front door entrance area which is always an area of high priority as it has a high volume of foot traffic so uneven surfaces are a risk to occupants and it is also the door way to your new home so cosmetically the appearance should be spot on.

The type of snag issues with the heat pump compressor in both homes where on the scale of minor fixes but could be potential issues for the homeowners if not corrected or remarked upon during a snag list inspection. You would be surprised how many snagging companies don’t pick up on the type of snags that we see with air source heat pumps, these heating systems are now in at least one in three new homes built in Ireland today. For peace of mind and renewable energy Air source heating snagging our company is hard to beat with training from Dakin, Mitsubishi Ecodan, Hitachi Yutaki, Nibe & Samsung and a variety of other ASHP systems.

Sample snags in a new home – Internal issues

Front door L/h/s window – repaint base and head rail & touch up jambs. All marked & chipped

Ground floor zone / thermostat – fill hole in surrounding wall and touch up paint

ALL 1st floor door leaves (x 4 no. 3 bedrooms and main bath) – rattling when shut; adjust mortise rebate / striker plate

Kitchen flooring requires. Levelling compound – uneven / proud at 1.0 meter from door way

Heat pump isolation switch plate – proud of wall & loose. Secure

Ceiling at vent grille – filler and paint required at plaster chipping

Heat pump buffer tank enclosure twin door leaves – both are stippled at top of leaf faces

Attic access door – latch trapped in insulation backing. Ensure operable. Currently won’t lock

The above internal issues and type of snags you might find in any home, they are relatively minor fixes and easily remedied by your builder. Home A had a total of 89 internal issues & home B recorded 75 internal snag list issues. A lot depends on the management of the development when it comes to the quantity of snag list items and how they are dealt with. With this particular development I would say the fee for the potential buyers in each of these homes will pay dividend will without doubt save money and headaches and hassle down the line. Each home and property is individual as are the type of snags and quantity of snag list defects found. If you are asking what does a snag list include this is only for demonstration purposes. What your snag list does include is our knowledge and detailed report stating what we have found, where we found it & generally what we expect the builder to do about it. A sample of photos is also attached to every report.

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