Snag list price

snag list price
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Snag list price

Snag my home can provide an affordable snag list Dublin. City and county & beyond are covered by our professional snag list inspection and detailed reporting service. Snag list prices listed below are for Dublin city and suburbs. For locations outside this area please contact our office for a fixed no obligation fee proposal. To contact us click here Alternatively call: 089-2488004

  • Snag list price for 2 bed House or Apartment :  – €200.00 (incl.)

  • Snag list price for 3 bed House or Apartment :  – €230.00 (incl.)

  • Snag list price for 4 bed House or Apartment :  – €290.00 (incl.)

  • Snag list price for 5 bed House:  – €390.00 (incl.)

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Snag list price | snag list cost

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Snag list reports are sent to client and builder within 2 – 3 working days from site visit / inspection.
A 24 hour turn around on snag list reports is available for €40  –

*The prices listed above are the total snag list cost for one site visit and a report of our findings (the snag list report). These prices are for Dublin city. – Dublin Northside & Dublin Southside.

Parts of County Dublin, Co. Louth, Co. Meath, Co. Kildare, Co. Westmeath and all counties outside Dublin incur a fuel surcharge for snaglist inspection price, please click the link here to get your fixed snag list cost fee > contact our office  < for your NO OBLIGATION snag list price Quote. If your builder notifies you of the completion of sale contact us for booking of an affordable snag list price.

Second snag list cost or follow up snagging inspection price:

These are not required in all instances. We advise based upon our initial visit if a follow up snag checklist inspection is required. Reasons for recommendation of second snag list inspection would include:

  • Snag issues that are deemed non – compliant with building regulations
  • Snag list items that present a risk of health and safety to the occupants
  • Technical snag list issues – i.e. issues with renewable energy systems, air source heating, solar, and other snags with structural, envelope or fire safety concerns
  • An initial snag list report with more than average amount of snags with many of these snags of a ‘non cosmetic’ nature
  •  A history of noncompliance with the correction of our snag list defects with your particular builder.
  • If the services are not connected (Electricity, Gas, Water, etc.) which will not allow us to give a full test and inspection regime to your home leaves too large a question mark over essential systems in the home

The fee for the second snag visit & report:
2 bed Re-inspection snag list cost = €160 (incl.), 3 bed Re-inspection snag list cost= €180 (incl.), 4 bed Re-inspection snag list cost = €200 (incl.), 5 bed Re-inspection snag list cost = €220 (incl.)

– Please note – 2nd upper floor living rooms, offices, playrooms etc. are counted as ‘bedrooms’ when pricing a snag list. If in doubt just contact a member of our snagging team at 089-2488004 for a fixed no obligation snagging quote.

To view a sample snag report from a property inspected by a member of our professional snag list team just ask when contacting our office for an example snag list report. –

What is required when you need to get a snag list price? A fixed snagging quote can be provided with the required information for booking a snagging list inspection appointment

Full name of new home purchaser:?

Your contact phone number & email address:?

Full address of the property that you require a snag list on: ?

Contact name & phone number (or email) of builder on site (or agent): ?

To contact snag my home for a snag list price quote or to request a booking appointment / check availability you can do so by phone, text, WhatsApp or email @ the following contact methods –

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Snag price list | snag list price | affordable snag list Dublin | Snag list cost | how much to snag a house