Snagging lists in Adamstown – part 1

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Snag lists and snagging inspections Lucan and Adamstown

Snag list questions – ” do you find many problems”

It’ one of the more common questions when a client finds out you have snagged in their soon to be new estate or new house development. So this coming week our surveyors have house’s to carry out snag lists in Adamstown and snag lists in Lucan, Dublin 22 has been one largest development area’s in Dublin since the early 2000’s and Lucan with it’s younger developed area of Adamstown has two of Dublin’s larger building contractors – home builders building new homes that are on our snag schedule repeatedly – part two of this blog article will give more detailed information on snags and defects broken down into A, B & C’s on two separate properties finished and ready for snagging – after our report is sent to builder & client I will break down the snags into –

A- Attention must resolve snags

B- Broken, common replace renew, obvious issues – including missing items i.e. – appliances

C – Cosmetic, Cleaning, or can be completed after closing of sale i.e. Landscaping, patches in grass / lawn areas – or if snag is minor enough can be let go on if not resolved.

Some examples will be given and each home will be equal in size (i.e. 3 bedroom). The price is a factor that our snag list inspector does not take account of as if its cheap or expensive It should be built ‘to best practice’ & ‘ of a satisfactory standard’.

Installations must meet the Irish building regulations criteria & manufacturers guidelines to ensure your new home is fit for purpose. At least if your buying your new home in Adamstown – Lucan or Dublin 22 you’ll have a general answer to the age old question “do you find many problems in these houses? ” Many buyers have information from Facebook & WhatsApp groups that spring up with neighbors posting information on how their sale went in phase 1 or problems they specifically had with the home or the builder. These pages and groups are also handy when buyers ask “can anyone recommend a snagger to inspect” when letters are emailed by the builder to deposit holders – We find our name is associated with a quality detailed inspection process – with a snag list price that offers value for money!

*obviously GDPR rules apply and the builders have to be allowed a fair review – so I won’t name the individual developments or houses to protect clients & contractors.
Our opinion and inspection results will be generalized as each home / house is individual and some have more snags than others in the same development, same row or terrace or street – each home is individual.
The full detail of snags and issues along with repair requirement specifics & sample photos are contained in the snag list reports (which remain privileged & only sent to client & builder to carry out repairs & rectify the snag issues).
This is one of the reasons why a snag list inspection is valuable and essential to protect your home & asset. Have Your Home Professionally Snagged By An Industry Expert – Snag My Home – The home snagging people
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